hobbs sistersCast with local talent from Ogdensburg, Huevelton, and Gouverneur, KREEPY HALLOW stars Jillian LeBel as Alia Hobbs, Dee Bellinger as Etta Hobbs, and Grace Brunet as Abitha Hobbs, collectively referred to as the “Sisters of the Hobbs.” If the Addams family had creepy cooky cousins, they’d look and act like these gloomy colonial sisters. Peppered with a touch of melancholy and oozing with the macabre, these ethereal sisters appear throughout as a sort of Greek Chorus, singing and commenting with a collective voice on the dramatic action of the musical. Each sister is possessed with a mutual ennui for the ordinary everyday occurrences and yet display an excited exuberance for the ghastly things in life. Birthday parties and social celebrations are quite the bore for this trick-or-treat trio, but the widower who is discovered to have poisoned her husband is their cause célèbre.

Now added to an illustrious list of Brazilia R. Kreep‘s creepy characters such as Parthenia Goste, Kreepy H. Krawler, and Albert T. Krumb, the ghoulish and always humorous Hobbs Sisters are perfect guests for this Halloween musical comedy adaptation of Washington Irving’s classic short story, THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.

Jillian LeBel as Alia Hobbs

Alia Hobbs is the sister’s trailblazer. She has little to say to the ordinary folks that do not share her morbid sense of curiosity, and is fearless regarding the bloodcurdling or bizarre. When Alia has something to address, her sisters take note and follow her instructions “to the letter.”  Her special skill is the levitation of inanimate objects such a buttons and bows.

Favorite things: full moons, dried flowers, and rusty nails

Grace Brunet as Abitha Hobbs

Abitha Hobbs is the oldest of the brood. She has cared for her sisters well and has a nurturing assertiveness. Abitha speaks with looks and glances, and can detect danger before it manifests. Abitha also has an imaginary friend named  Bo Idle, who  haunts the Kreepy Hallow cemetery and the Van Brunt riding stables.  Her special skill is clairvoyance.

Favorite things: autumn, graveyards, and nightshade

Dee Bellinger as Etta Hobbs

Etta Hobbs is the youngest and perhaps the strangest of the litter. She is fiercely independent and can lead her sisters into trouble, a trait they all adore. Etta has inherited her sister’s handmade rag-doll named Iphigenia (Pronunciation: if-i-JEN-ee-uh), who has had a somewhat downhearted and unpleasant life. Iphigenia also has a tribe of rogue dolls. Etta’s special skill is ominousness.

Favorite things: ghosts, coffins, and black Liquorice


Megan Gardner as Chasity Smyth

Meghan Gardner as Chasity Smyth

St. John’s Conservatory Theater presents their fifth all original musical comedy Brazillia R. Kreep’s KREEPY HALLOW based on Washington Irving’s classic short story THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.

Cast with local talent from Ogdensburg, Huevelton, Morristown, and Gouverneur, KREEPY HALLOW stars Jillian LeBel as Alia Hobbs, Hailey Weber as Ravinia Hobbs and Parthenia Goste, Dee Bellinger as Etta Hobbs, Grace Brunet as Abitha Hobbs, R O’Donnell as narrator Brazillia R. Kreep, Angela Conzone Dwyer as Ichaboda Krane, Cole Siebels as Thaddeus Frye, Myah Myers as Felicity Caldwell, Christopher Rodriguez as Abner Frye, Haley Dawley as Mercy Faith, Grace Wills as Oheo Seneca, Meghan Gardner as Chasity Smyth, Emma Murray as Charity Smyth, Christopher Dwyer as Bartholomeus Van tassel, Shelly Murdock as Electra Van Brunt, and Ryan Woodard as the Town Crier.

KREEPY HALLOW is a goosepimply musical comedy featuring an original book, music and lyrics by award-winning playwright and composer Brazillia R. Kreep. His previous plays ALICE ISN’T ALL THERE and a KREEPY CHRISTMAS CAROL were well-received and reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Gothic ingenuity, well suited for this Halloween offering. Set in the 1860’s along the St. Lawrence River, when the first appointed female teacher, Miss Ichaboda Krane, takes over the ghostly schoolroom built on-top of a sacred Iroquois burial ground. With a classroom filled with eclectic children, her “eye” on Bartholomeus Van Tassel, a few unexpected guests, and a jealous local woman Electra Van Brunt watching her every move, Miss Ichaboda Krane’s Halloween celebration turns into a most haunting affair. Narrated by Brazillia R. Kreep himself, KREEPY HALLOW tells the tale of Ichaboda Krane’s encounter with all things that go bump in the night as the dreadful Headless Horseman rides again.


Cole Siebels as Thaddeus Frye and Christopher Rodriguez as Abner Frye

With musical direction and choreography by Angela Conzone Dwyer, musical arrangements by Ryan C. McNally, set and prop designs by Stephen Chambers, costumes and makeup by Ann Losurdo and Karen Fischbeck Carmany, stage managed by Sadie Smith, technical direction and production coordination by Christopher Dwyer, and produced and directed by R. O’Donnell, “Kreepy Hallow” promises to be a fun family affair.

Show times are Friday and Saturday evenings October 16, 17, 23, 24 at 7 PM and October 18, 25 at 2 PM. Tickets cost $15 at the door (suggested donation), or $10 at JCT is located on the second floor of St. John’s Parish House, on the corner of Franklin and Knox streets in Ogdensburg. For more information, please visit St. John’s Conservatory Theater’s Facebook page:


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