JCT Announces 2015 Season

ORCHARD mini“It’s encouraging to see the community embrace homespun theater,” says general manager Bill LaMere, “The overwhelming positive response to JCT has inspired a spring, summer, autumn, and winter season of original musicals.”

“Our upcoming 2015 season includes a St. Patty’s show titled The Orchard of Hide and Seek, a new twist on Dickens’ Oliver titled Twisted, Irving’s Sleepy Hallow titled Kreepy Hallow, and back by popular demand the hysterical A Kreepy Christmas Carol,” states artistic director R O’Donnell. “Always original full-length musicals based on literature, fairy tales, and folklore and harvested from the wealth of talent here in the glorious North Country.”

It’s an Irish spring with JCT’s fanciful tale about a malevolent witch named Zaria, a flamboyant pirate named Jean-Pierre Beunet, an endearing elf named Bo Edle, a brave young las named Suzie O’ozie and the neglected neighborhood brood in Brazillia R. Kreep’s whimscal musical Orchard of Hide & Seek.


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