ORCHARD Music Teaser: Believe

The ORCHARD OF HIDE & SEEK, with a book, music and lyrics by award-winning writer Richard O’Donnell, is a family-friendly comedy about Queen Onagh and her eclectic tribe of fairies and pixies that inhabit the ominous apple orchard on Peekaboo Island high atop a cliff overlooking the St. Labyrinth Sea. As they prepare for their spectacular Mid-Summers Eve celebration, the children from the nearby village of Onwee are also treasure hunting. However, trouble ensues as Capt. Jean-Pierre Beunet, his malevolent pirates, and Ophelia, Delia and Vermilia, the evil Witches of Hubba Bubba, plot to take over the entire orchard for themselves.

The fairies are played by Tessa Harper as Onagh Queen of the Fairies, Hailey Weber as Princess Auria, Carina Cook as Princess Lilywink, Analyse Bullock as Shaylee,  Grace Brunet as Lorilia, and Ava Rutherford as Forsythia.

The pixies are played by Myah Myers as Princess Nyssa, Macy Murdock as Nightshade, Meghan Gardner as Clover, Madison Miller as Silkfoot, Mia LaBella as Bitterbreeze, and Emma Seeley as Jinglebug.

Children of Onwee are played by Caroline Silver as Lorcan Gallagher, Christopher Rodriguez as Rory Curren, Grant Brunet as Keelin Shanahan, Gabi Ott as Carmel McGlinchy, Philomena Bullock as Enya Fallon, and Emma Murray as Deirdre McGuinness.

The pirates are played by Mr. O’Donnell as Capt. Jean-Pierre Beunet, Brandon Bogart as Scallywag, Christopher Dwyer as Shivers, Gerard Powers as Whale-Eye, and Eric Robinson as Basher.

The witches are Angela Conzone Dwyer as Ophelia Hollyhock Queen of Hubba Bubba, Shelly Murdock as Delia Hollyhock, Angelina Schembry as Vermilia Hollyhock, and Krista Kelly as Misty the Singing Cauldron.

Ophelia Hollyhock’s henchman is Ryan Woodard as Yadder the Troll, Calea LeBel as Arema, Maddison LeBel as Gogo, and Chloe Preston as Spiridon the banshees of the dark castle.

SJCT principal creative staff includes Producing Artistic Director Mr. O’Donnell, Musical Director and Choreographer Angela Conzone Dwyer, Arranger and Orchestrator OFA Senior Ryan C. McNally, Scenic and Prop Designer Stephen Chambers, Costume and Makeup Designer Karen Fischbeck (Heuvelton), additional Costumes by Ann Losurdo (Oswego), Heron Hetzler (Potsdam), and Betsy Hebert (Heuvelton), Technical Director and Production Coordinator Christopher Dwyer, Sound Designer Richard Patton, Lighting Designer Barry Pratt, Stage Manager Sadie Smith, and Props Master Tonya Ott. Collectively they have over five decades of professional theatrical and academic experience including regional, stock, bus and truck, off-off-Broadway, off-Broadway, and Broadway stages.

Other vital SJCT personnel includes Host Dr. Michael O’Donnell, House Manager Sheila LaMere, General Manager Bill LaMere, assistant Technical Director Ryan Woodard, assistant Props Emma Murray, and assistant Costumer Hannah Gardner.

Showtime’s are 16,17, 23, 24 at 7 PM and matinees 18 & 25 at 2 PM at the OFA Auditorium in Ogdensburg, NY. Tickets go on sale in mid-May and will be available electronically at brownpapertickets.com or at the door the night of the performances. For more information, please visit St. John’s Conservatory Theater’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/stjohnsconservatorytheater.


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